Whisky Pot Still

Whisky Pot Stills can be used where the proof of distilling is between 60% and 80% Abv, ideal for Single Malt Whisky and Brandy. The design consists of the pot, a swan neck, lyne arm and condenser, built with either copper or stainless steel.

At Burns, our preference is to use 3mm copper to craft whisky Pot Stills, and we can build these with variations on the swan neck and the slope of the lyne arm. The condenser – which cools the vapour to liquid, is designed internally by our Head Engineer and built from copper.

Factors to consider.

Whatever the set-up you choose, there are some common factors to consider when deciding on your ideal installation.

The building that houses your distillery can have a big influence on your distillery set-up. Think about:

  • Is this your final set-up or are you thinking about relocating?
  • Can your floor sustain the weight of the distilling equipment?
  • How high are your ceilings?
  • Building entrance for bringing in large equipment
  • Utilities such as electricity, gas, water and steam
  • Waste management


How will you automate your distillation process? Automation factors could include:

  • The Pot Still temperature
  • The temperature of the distillation
  • The cuts performed during the distillation process

The size of your Pot Still is dependent on:

  • The volume of spirits you plan to produce
  • Available space in your location
  • Your projected growth and planned work schedule

Consider the various temperature control methods, including:

  • Pot Stills can be heated by electrical immersion elements or steam
  • Electrical heating is only recommended for Stills less than 2,700 litres in size, after this steam is used
  • Column Stills are heated by steam
  • Water and glycol can both be used as coolants
  • Cold water tanks and fermenters can also be part of the cooling process

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