Start a Distillery

Start your distillery on the right path.

Starting a distillery from scratch? Let’s turn your idea into a reality.

Congratulations on taking your first steps towards starting a distillery. The craft spirits movement in Australia is growing rapidly, and as distillers ourselves, we know just how exciting it is to be part of it.

Knowing exactly what you need to get started, while also building with the potential to grow, can feel overwhelming.

You’ll need to know your exact system requirements – whether you only need a still, or whether you need a still, tanks, mash tun, fermenters and more.

Then, it’s about considering the size of your equipment – do you need a 330 litre still or a 1,250 litre still? How do you decide?

Investing in high quality equipment will help you lay the right foundations. We’re here to help you answer these questions, and to build your start-up distillery with confidence.

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