Combination Column Still

Factors to consider.

Whatever the set-up you choose, there are some common factors to consider when deciding on your ideal installation.

The building that houses your distillery can have a big influence on your distillery set-up. Think about:

  • Is this your final set-up or are you thinking about relocating?
  • Can your floor sustain the weight of the distilling equipment?
  • How high are your ceilings?
  • Building entrance for bringing in large equipment
  • Utilities such as electricity, gas, water and steam
  • Waste management


How will you automate your distillation process? Automation factors could include:

  • The Pot Still temperature
  • The temperature of the distillation
  • The cuts performed during the distillation process

The size of your Pot Still is dependent on:

  • The volume of spirits you plan to produce
  • Available space in your location
  • Your projected growth and planned work schedule

Consider the various temperature control methods, including:

  • Pot Stills can be heated by electrical immersion elements or steam
  • Electrical heating is only recommended for Stills less than 2,700 litres in size, after this steam is used
  • Column Stills are heated by steam
  • Water and glycol can both be used as coolants
  • Cold water tanks and fermenters can also be part of the cooling process

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